Important Testimony About Pierre Weil

Robert MULLER (UNESCO Education for Peace Prize winner; ex-Vice-Secretary-General of the UM and Chancellor of the Peace University of Costa Rica).

"The Peace University, created by the United Nations in Costa Rica, expresses its thanks to Pierre Weil, for his work as the Head of the City of Peace Foundation and of the International Holistic University of Brasilia.

Dr. Weil's contribution is remarkable in regard to the fundamental issue of our days: The Education for Peace.

As he stresses in his work, after centuries or even millennia of silence, education for peace, at last, blossoms on our planet.

...Pierre Weil and myself, we are deeply thankful to UNESCO for its benevolent acceptance of these experiments on universal education...

...I, myself, after long meditations and observations, was leaded to research a holistic approach... It was this synthesis effort that brought me the UNESCO Education for Peace Prize, in 1989...

In the name of the Peace University, I express my sincere gratitude to Pierre Weil and to UNESCO. May God permit this work to become the golden key of a new education as we enter the Third Millennium."

Summary of the Preface to the book "The Art of Living in Peace", Brazilian Edition

Kaisa SAVOLAINEN (Head of the Humanistic, Cultural and International Education Section - UNESCO) - Paris

"...The Art of Living in Peace is the result of a seminar for teachers of colleges of teachers' formation, organised by UNESCO with the purpose of providing the interchange of innovative experiments in international education; and UNESCO wishes to thank its author, Pierre Weil, President of the City of Peace Foundation, International Holistic University of Brasília, for his experience, for his dedication and for his untiring energy, which continue with such amplitude, for the development of the Education for Peace."

Summary of the preface to the English edition of the Art of Living in Peace.

JOSÉ APARECIDO DE OLIVEIRA - (ex-Governor of Brasília, ex-Minister of Culture and ex-Ambassador of Brazil)

"...the international activity of Professor Pierre Weil in the field of research and of the modern sciences is a guarantee of his decisive contribution to the construction of the City of Peace Foundation and of the International Holistic University of Brasília."

Summary of the reception speech for Prof. Pierre Weil, in Brasília


A publication of the International Office for Education, dealing with the Education for the Culture of Peace, mentions Pierre Weil' s "The Art of Living in Peace", as being the first essay of an interdisciplinary vision and approach of the Education for Peace.